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Are You An Installer or Contractor? Published on Friday,18 December, 2015

Attention qualified Window Installers or Contractors! Wholesale Windows Canada is looking to expand its growing network of reputable installers and builders interested in servicing our clientele nation-wide. We supply the product, and you perform the installation work. Call us at 519-751-5499 or fill out our "Contact Us" form for more information on how we can help you grow your business! Please mention that you are a Contractor looking to grow your business.  

Window Cleaning Just Got Easier! Published on Friday,18 December, 2015

Our Brochure Published on Friday,18 December, 2015

Our brochure showcases our Canadian-made line of windows that have a Lifetime Warranty on glass and components. Our made-to-order windows have also earned some of the industry's highest energy performance ratings, which means your Wholesale Window Canada windows will continue to save you money for years to come.
Click on the link above to explore how our beautiful, yet affordable windows, are just a phone call away ... only available at Wholesale Windows Canada!
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Request an Estimate Published on Friday,18 December, 2015

Why pay retail when you can buy DIRECT at huge savings? We offer a FREE, no obligation estimate on all your replacement window, new home construction window, aluminum and glass railing system or decking projects. Dare to compare and then give us a call! 519-751-5499.

A Pane in the Glass? Published on Friday,18 December, 2015

Does the number of panes matter? Not all panes are created equal!

One of the contributing factors of a window's energy-efficiency is how many panes a window has. Are dual paned windows just as energy-efficient as triple-paned windows?

Though it is true that a dual-paned window with a soft-coat Low-E coating will usually have better thermal performance numbers than a triple-paned window without a Low-E coating, it is equally true that a triple-paned window with two surfaces coated with a Low-E soft-coating is more energy-efficient than a dual-paned window with a soft-coat Low-E coating.

Energy Star states:

"All energy efficient windows have at least two panes, but not all double-paned windows are energy efficient. Twenty years ago, double-paned meant energy efficient; today, advanced technologies have enabled the development of windows that are much more efficient than traditional clear-glass double-paned windows."

Two of those advanced technologies include multiple soft coating and filling the spaces between the panes with inert gas. Wholesale Windows Canada offers both!

Window Condensation Demystified Published on Friday,18 December, 2015

What causes window condensation? It may not be what you think! Follow this link to learn why condensation forms on your windows, and how to solve the problem! You asked ... we answered!