Fixed Picture & Architectural Shaped Windows

Product Description

Fixed picture windows do not operate and offer more glass area than fixed casement windows. Architectural windows are fixed windows which are available in an extensive range of custom shapes and sizes. Architectural windows are the ultimate expression of creativity and individuality and create a truly one-of-a-kind look.

  • Features
  • Options
  • Ratings
    • Available with grilles between the glass panes 
    • Black co-extruded glazing
    • Custom shapes and sizes available
    • Wide range of shapes and styles
    • Fixed pictures are designed to couple with Double Hung and Single Hung units only

  • Some of our most popular Architectural Shapes include the following. Contact us for additional shapes available.


    Peak Pentagon
  • Canadian Test Data
    Air @ 75pa Fixed
    Water  B7
     Wind C4 

    Performance U-Val R-Val SHGC ER Energy Star® Canada
    Fixed Picture Glass
    Sol-R Gain 180 0.28 3.6 0.59 39 A,B,C,D
    Sol-R Shield 272 0.27 3.70 0.43 31 A,B,C
    Sol-R Shield Plus 366 0.26 3.85 0.23 21 A,B