Superior Energy Efficiency Performance

Our windows easily exceeds Energy Star minimum ratings that will clearly help you save on energy costs now and for years to come. That's because our windows take full advantage of free solar energy, maximizing heat-gain and minimizing annual heating costs. Our windows are constructed with a revolutionary Sol-R™ glass technology that captures the sun's passive solar energy. This helps minimize heating system usage while ensuring a comfortable indoor temperature and optimal efficiency. Sol-R™ Glass also features a Low E coating that provides high levels of light transmittance and color neutrality. When the thermometer drops, windows with Sol-R™ glass technology will help you stay comfortable and save a whole lot of energy, a necessity in cold weather climates.
Efficiency Features
  • Sol-R™ glass
  • Triple fin weather seals
  • 3/4" double strength glass
  • PPG Intercept® Warm-Edge Spacer System
  • Exclusive FloSeal gasket (not shown)